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  • November 8, 2021
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Help Topics For Providing ISO 10013 Quality Management

Virtual training of ISO 10013 quality management documentation guide topics:

The ISO 10013 standard as a “Guideline for the preparation of quality management system documentation” is guidance for the preparation and maintenance of the required documentation. Which provides an effective quality management system that is tailored to the specific needs of the organization. In other words, this standard is responsible for encouraging the adoption of a process approach when creating, applying, and improving effectiveness.

Using this guide helps to create a codified system. The guidelines provided are also used to codify other management systems, such as environmental and safety management systems. Quality management documentation system settings usually follow either the organization’s processes, or the applicable quality standard structure, or a combination of both. Any other settings that can be tailored to the needs of the organization can also be used.

more details
The structure of user documentation in a quality management system can be defined hierarchically. This structure facilitates the distribution, maintenance and understanding of documentation for managers. The development of this hierarchical structure depends on the conditions of the organizations. ISO 10013 encourages the adoption of a process approach when creating, operating and improving the effectiveness of a quality management system. For an organization to function effectively, a number of related activities must be identified and managed.

An activity that enables the conversion of inputs into outputs by using and managing resources can be considered as a process. Often the output of one process is the direct input of the next process. Using a system of processes within an organization to identify and interact with and manage these processes is called a “process approach.”

Objectives and Benefits of Virtual Training Course Topics in ISO 10013 Quality Management Documentation:

  • Description of the quality management system of organizations
  • Provide information for multi-functional groups (this way they can better understand complex organizational relationships)
  • Establishing a relationship with employee management and the quality of their work
  • Helping employees to understand the role and tasks of the organization (this way employees work more purposefully and realize the importance of their work in the organization)
  • Understand the relationship between employees and management
  • Introduce the expectations of each employee
  • Provide how to do things and achieve organizational goals

Other benefits:

  • Create a transparent, effective and executive framework
  • Provide training to new employees and update the knowledge of current and old employees
  • Provide principles for creating balance in the organization
  • Stabilize organizational performance and the documentation process
  • Provide an environment for continuous improvement
  • Create a sense of trust in the customer
  • Provide principles of monitoring and inspection on the quality of the organization
  • The process of standardizing quality management systems

Prerequisites for the training course on ISO 10013 quality management documentation:

  • This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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