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  • November 8, 2021
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Industrial Control E-Learning

Virtual industrial control training is created for people to be fully acquainted with industrial control. An industrial control system (English: Industrial control system in the form of ICS) is a set of control systems that are used in various industries. These include control systems and data collection (SCADA), Distributed Control System (DCS), and Programmable Logic Control System (PLC), which is used in smaller industrial units.
The industrial control system is very important. Industrial Control System (ICS) is a term that refers to a variety of industrial control systems. This system includes devices, networks, systems and controls that are used to operate industrial processes.

Industrial control virtual training course topics:
Learn all about basic electrical components: relays, contactors and
Study different cases for power flow and power conversion.
Have a good idea of ​​the different types of motors and generators.
Control of each parameter for variable speed drive (VSD) induction motors.
Design simple, complex manual circuits using EKTS software.
Learn everything about PLC internally and externally.
Familiarize yourself with different PLC languages ​​such as LADDER, FBD and STL using Step7 software.
Be able to cope with hardware configurations and wiring diagrams.
Be able to write code for simple and complex automation systems.
Be able to deal with any industrial automation system.
Who is this course for:
Electrical engineering students
Newcomers to PLC programming
Newcomers to manual control circuits
Anyone who wants to get acquainted with industrial automation and control.
Industrial control course prerequisites:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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