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  • November 8, 2021
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Industrial Mapping E-Learning

Virtual training in the industrial drawing: Drawing is a kind of drawing language and means drawing special simplified images called maps. To transfer ideas designed by the person drawing to the employer or project builder with higher accuracy, higher speed and the simplest possible form. Drawing is a combination of one-dimensional drawings and two-dimensional multi-dimensional drawings.

Drawing is considered one of the important pillars of the industry. The map, in a lively, expressive and clear language, conveys the heavy burden of transferring the minds and thoughts of millions of designers and thinkers to the creators and producers in various fields. Responsible for mechanics, construction, electricity, electronics. A language without which industry and art do not grow and technique is not transmitted.

more details:
How many plans and ideas remained in the brains due to unfamiliarity with the plan and never came to fruition. At present, it can be said that one of the signs of industrial growth and prosperity of each country is the volume of their annual maps. If you consider the accumulated plans for a fundamental change in the system of a car, which is more than 10 meters, you will realize the correctness of the speech.

Industrial Drawing Virtual Training Course Topics:

  • Industrial drawing
  • Supplementary booklet of industrial drawing
  • Industrial drawing with AutoCAD

Drawing includes the following:
Technical drawing: Technical drawing that is used in engineering related to roads and buildings, architecture, civil engineering and mechanics.

Cartography: Drawing a map of the earth

Prerequisites for Industrial Drawing Training Course:

  • This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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