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  • November 8, 2021
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Information Security Management ISO15408 E-Learning

Virtual training in ISO 15408 information security management topics will familiarize you with the concepts and topics of this standard. Today, information technology management in organizations has become a complex and confusing issue due to the diversity of technologies and the expansion of the influence of information technology applications in all areas of business. On the other hand, the position and importance of information technology in organizations have improved due to the expansion of its influence in various areas of business. This is so important that some of the services of organizations can not be provided to customers without the help of information technology.
The complexity and importance of information technology in organizations have caused its effective management to be one of the top management concerns of any organization. Adherence to IT management frameworks and standards is one of the ways to reduce these concerns.

ISO 15408 is a framework in which users express their functional security requirements. Manufacturers implement the security features of their products, and finally, laboratories evaluate the products to ensure that security requirements are met. In fact, this standard provides a platform in which the process of specifying, implementing, and evaluating the security features of computer products is controlled.

Components of ISO / IEC 15408 standard:

  • Introduction and general model
  • Practical security requirements
  • Security Guarantee Requirements

ISO / IEC 15408 is a framework where computer system users can meet their security performance requirements (SFRs and SARs, respectively) for the Security Target Document (ST) resulting from the Protection Profile Document (PPs) for security assessment. Benefit products. In fact, sellers of IT products first submit the product security target document to the certification laboratories, then the laboratories perform the product security assessment based on the protection profile document, and if successful and pass the security indicators, the product in question The recipient receives a security certificate.

What you will learn in the ISO 15408 Information Security Management Virtual Training course:

  • Explains the general concepts and rules of IT security assessment.
  • Practical security requirements.
  • Security Guarantee Requirements.

Prerequisites for the information security management training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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