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  • November 8, 2021
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Inspecting Sandblast And Industrial Color And Coverage E-Learning

Virtual training of sandblasting inspection, paint and industrial coating, has been created for people to be fully acquainted with sandblasting inspection, paint and industrial coating. “Abrasive Cleaning” or “Abrasive Blasting” is one of the methods used to clean and prepare the surface of various materials such as steel, concrete, wood, etc. In this method, abrasives (metallic or non-metallic) hit the surface very quickly. In this way, contaminants and excess materials on the top layer of the surface are removed. Finally, a level is obtained with the desired payment.

What is sandblasting?
A type of sandblasting in which the metal surface is cleaned by spraying a high-speed stream of sand or other abrasive material is called sandblasting. Sanding is such that abrasive sands, which are mainly made of silica and metal oxides of different sizes. They are accelerated using the compressor wind pressure and sprayed on the surface of the part.

Factors affecting color efficiency:
The most important and simplest factor that affects color efficiency is the quality of the surface preparation. For optimal life of the paint, the surface must be thoroughly cleaned of factors that damage the paint, including any rust and contamination. Also, the surface should have a suitable roughness so that the applied paint system has good and permanent adhesion. The quality of the surface preparation is directly related to the life of the applied paint system. Even the effect of good preparation is greater than the effect of better color. In the sandblasting, paint and industrial coating inspection training course, an attempt has been made to provide important and practical information in connection with important issues in surface preparation and painting.

This course is one of the most specialized and widely used courses in the field of corrosion protection. Used in various industries, students in this course are familiar with comprehensive topics from recognizing colors to a variety of coating methods and related defects to how to perform inspections and sandblasting. And are used as paint and coating specialists in various industries.

Prerequisites for the virtual training course of sandblasting, paint and industrial coating:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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