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  • November 8, 2021
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Instructor Of Quran Reading And Fluent Reading E-Learning

Virtual training of the Holy Quran recitation instructor is a booklet of specialized jobs in the field of educational services. Quran) and communicates with the instructors and managers of Quranic centers, educational and other institutions applying for Quranic education. Reading the Holy Quran is the correct pronunciation of the words and verses of the Holy Quran in terms of writing and marking.

In fact, learning the Qur’an and teaching it to others is the best practice and brings one closer to God Almighty. Learning the Qur’an begins with reciting or reciting it along with learning the rules of tajweed and sound. Reading and learning the meanings and words and translating the phrases of the Qur’an is a prerequisite for learning the great meanings of the Qur’an, and to understand the meanings and meanings of the verses, it is necessary to learn it. There are many people who can read the Qur’an, but they have difficulty in reading it fluently and fluently, and this may have caused them not to read the Qur’an and as a result discouraged them, while they are interested in reading and being acquainted with this divine book.
It should be noted that there are two groups of people who recite the Qur’an with difficulty; Some who have learned the Qur’an in the (Sunni) Qur’an recitation sessions and some who have attended Qur’an teaching classes and learned the Qur’an.

Benefits of the Holy Quran reading and psychic reading instructor training course:
Familiarity with the basics of teaching reading and psychic reading
Familiarity with the basics of education
Etiquette of reciting the Quran
Basic introductory training and basic sound and tone
List of topics of the Holy Quran recitation and psychic reading instructor training course:
Learn to read Faran Karim
Teaching Quran
Rules of recitation and psychic reading of the Quran
Teaching methods and techniques
Research in the Holy Quran
The Holy Quran recitation instructor is useful for the following disciplines:
Quran and Hadith Sciences
Theology and Islamic Sciences
Prerequisites for the Holy Quran recitation instructor training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the Holy Quran recitation instructor course is taught from the beginning.

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