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  • November 8, 2021
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Introduction To Human Rights E-Learning

Virtual Education Introduction to Human Rights: Human rights are the most basic and basic rights that every person enjoys inherently, instinctively and simply as a human being. After World War II and the founding of the United Nations in 1945, it entered into everyday dialogue. This term has replaced the more ancient terms “natural rights” and “human rights”.

According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international instruments, these rights have the characteristics of universality, inalienability, non-transferability, indivisibility, non-discrimination and equality, interconnectedness and entanglement. Doctrine and human rights activists, in their international activities in the field of international law, global and regional institutions, government policies. And in the activities of non-governmental organizations, it has laid the foundation of public and private policies in this field.

more details:
Humanity has the ability to do great things. But at the same time it is capable of great evil. This course will cover difficult topics such as genocide, slavery, racism, sex discrimination and more. We will discuss what they are, how they came into being, and how we can help prevent them from recurring as a species. In general, there are two theories about the nature of law: a theory that emphasizes will or choice, and a theory that relies on interest or expediency.

What you will learn in the human rights training course:

  • Torture
  • Massacre
  • Slavery
  • Racism
  • Human rights
    Who is eligible for a human rights e-learning course:
  • Anyone interested in social justice
  • Civic leaders
  • Activists

Prerequisites for the course on human rights:

  • Ability to speak English

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