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  • November 8, 2021
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ISO 17025: 2017 Lab Risk Assessment E-Learning

Virtual training of risk assessment in the laboratory according to the standard 17025 edition 2017. Expresses the basic concepts and provides practical and simple techniques and tools for “addressing the risks and opportunities in laboratory centers” in the field of requirements of the standard 17025 edition 2017.

In laboratory centers, risk-based thinking is not new. If a laboratory is aware of its risks and is aware of them, it can also evaluate/prioritize them. He is also aware of its consequences. It will be easier to plan for the risks and their effects.

In the early stages of activities, by detecting errors or non-conformities, the laboratory is given the opportunity to respond appropriately. This may prevent financial penalties or other heavy losses in laboratory facilities. It should be noted that minimizing any risk is not the main goal of risk management. Rather, it is essentially the optimization of the risks and opportunities identified by the laboratories, using and applying an appropriate strategy.

The following are some of the risks that test laboratories face:

  • Failure to meet customer needs
  • Damage to the reputation of the laboratory
  • Providing incorrect test results to the customer
  • Making a mistake or defect in the samples provided by the customer
  • Failure to meet accreditation requirements

Use invalid internal test methods instead of internationally accredited or standardized test methods

  • Lack of evaluation of the capacity of laboratories to handle samples
  • Defects in creating the necessary environmental conditions specified in the method of measurement and failure to intermittently record and record environmental conditions
  • Failure to pay attention to the method of transportation, handling and storage and the use of reference materials that break the tracking chain

Lack of control program and monitoring of employee performance and human error

List of topics in the virtual training course of risk assessment in the laboratory according to the standard 17025 edition 2017:

  • Risk definition
  • Risk management
  • Risk position in ISO 17025 standard
  • Types of risks in the laboratory
  • Risk determination
  • Risk matrix
  • Techniques used in risk management
  • Dealing with laboratory risk
  • Laboratory risk execution method
  • Opportunities

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