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  • November 8, 2021
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ISO 22301 Business Survival Management System Topics E-Learning

Virtual training on the topics of the ISO 22301 business survival management system discusses the concept of business continuity and the requirements of ISO 22301: 2019. An international standard that defines the requirements of the Business Continuity Management System (BCMS).

This course follows the standard structure:

Organization text: Internal and external issues that affect the organization, the needs and expectations of stakeholders and the scope of the business continuity management system.
Leadership: Top management commitment to business continuity, business continuity policy, roles, responsibilities and powers.
Planning: Measures to address risks and opportunities, business continuity goals, and change planning.
Support: Resources, competence and knowledge, communication and documented information.
Operations: Business Impact Analysis, Risk Assessment, Business Continuity Strategies and Solutions. Business continuity programs and procedures, alerts and communications, incident response structure. Training program and evaluation of documents and capabilities of business continuity.
Performance evaluation: monitoring and measurement, analysis and evaluation, BCMS internal audit, management review.
Improvement – non-compliance and corrective actions; Continuous improvement.
This information is valuable to any professional involved in business continuity and accident recovery activities.

If your organization intends to obtain ISO 22301: 2019 certification and you are responsible for BCMS, this course will definitely be useful for you.

Who benefits from the ISO 22301 Business Survival Management System Virtual Training course?

  • Business Continuity Managers
  • Business Continuity Engineers
  • Risk specialists
  • Business Continuity Consultants
  • Management system auditors
  • Business owners
  • People who are involved in activities related to business continuity and accident recovery.

Prerequisites for this course:
The ISO 22301 Business Survival Management System training course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the ground up.

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