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  • November 8, 2021
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ISO Specialized ISO Of Wood Industry (ISO 38200) E-Learning

Virtual training of specialized implementation of wood industry ISO 38200: ISO 38200 is a global and valid international standard that is used for the chain of wood products and wood-based products. The idea of ​​using ISO, the world standard for standards, for wood products was recognized in 2013 by the National Standards Institutions of Brazil (ABNT) and Germany (DIN). When the project started in 2014. Not much attention was paid to it until 2018, while the draft final discussion was announced. The final approval was announced in October 2018 and this standard was published in January 2019.

In ISO 38200, the transfer of information is regulated along the supply chain: from the felling of trees to the delivery to the final customer. The purpose of obtaining ISO 38200 is to provide a framework for the implementation of a chain of maintenance system for the transmission of information on wood and wood products, other than bamboo, from the initial production to the final product. ISO 38200 certification is designed to provide a solid foundation on which to evaluate a chain of wood-based wood products.

This document is not a CoC standard, but an ISO standard that can be used and recognized worldwide. In addition, ISO 38200 also specifies minimum requirements for consumables. This document is not applicable to forest management.

Advantages of the virtual training course of specialized implementation of ISO 38200 wood industry:

  • With sustainable development, it can show its sense of responsibility and commitment to the environment.
  • Your certificate can be used as a tool for risk prevention (responsible consumption).
  • Can improve the image of your business.
  • You can gain customers’ trust.

Virtual training course topics of specialized implementation of ISO 38200 wood industry:

  • Wood and paper industry standard
  • Woodworking
  • Properties of wood
  • Wood painting
  • Coating
  • Wood products technology
  • ISO certification plan

Prerequisites for this course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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