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  • November 8, 2021
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Legal Texts E-Learning

Virtual training of legal texts: What is the feature of legal text? Of course, such writings are not limited to legal texts. In fact, the translator in his approach to this type of text must go through a definite and single definition. And make the typology of legal texts the basis of his specialized work. Based on this, three types of text can be defined. Which directly or indirectly address this issue:

The first typology refers to texts of the performance type. That is, texts that are not descriptors, but processors of facts. Legal texts, rules and contracts… fall into this category.

The second typology of texts is based on the method of analogy (syllogistic). The subject of these types of texts, such as rulings, decisions, administrative instructions, and even individual decisions, is the confrontation of rules and reality. But legal translation is associated with much more serious difficulties because translating such texts has legal consequences. Such as a contractual relationship that gives rise to a moral or financial obligation of the parties.

Therefore, knowledge of vocabulary, terminology and legal expression, having complete legal information on the translator of this field is extensive because in addition to the listed legal works, inadequacies and shortcomings in this field also add to the difficulties of his understanding of the source text. Equals.

In the legal texts training course, you will get acquainted with this science virtually.

Note: This course also includes 65 minutes of the audio files.

Virtual training courses for legal texts:

  • Specialized vocabulary of law
  • Oxford Law Dictionary
  • Legal texts booklet
  • Law specialized language books
  • Audio tutorials

Prerequisites for the legal texts training course:

  • This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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