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  • November 8, 2021
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Management Systems For BS 39001 Standard Road Traffic Safet (RTS) E-Learning

Virtual training on BS 39001 standard road traffic safety management system topics: Due to the lack of scientific studies and a small number of specialized specialists in road and traffic safety, there is no improvement in roads and traffic safety in our country. The ISO 39001 Road Traffic Safety Management System provides your organization with an internationally recognized method for understanding and managing traffic hazards. The standards of the road and traffic safety management system have been prepared by the relevant ISO technical committee for road and traffic safety purposes.

The BS ISO 39001 standard is a set of minimum requirements for a road traffic safety management system. Governments, road authorities, safety teams and private companies have taken serious steps to develop such a standard, given the increasing number of people killed or injured on the road each year.
If you are looking for RTS, we can help you by providing training courses and introducing suitable resources and services. Our training packages reduce costs and increase profits. The BS 39001 standard road traffic safety management system training package brings you closer to your goal by eliminating complexity and making things easier.

Virtual training course topics of BS 39001 standard road traffic safety management system topics:

  • ISO 39001
  • Road safety regulations
  • Mechanized control of traffic plan area
  • Quality of safety in road transport
  • General road safety and privacy
  • Traffic
  • Principles of Traffic Engineering
  • Safety equipment and urban traffic control
  • Traffic engineering

Traffic engineering +

The basic principles of this standard are:

  • Before starting vehicles, the road traffic speed to be followed, the type of vehicle and weather conditions must be determined and the required speed limit must be determined.
  • The route to be followed by the vehicle is determined depending on the cargo load and the type of vehicle
  • The rules for using the roads and intersections that the car is following are determined
  • Equipment used by drivers should be determined based on vehicle specifications
  • To ensure driving safety, drivers should not use alcohol, drugs or other substances and get tired.

Prerequisites for the training course on BS 39001 standard road traffic safety management system:

  • This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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