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  • November 8, 2021
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Metalworking E-Learning

Virtual metalworking is industrial metalworking in which a person separates a metal from other elements and shapes metal products. Metalworking is a big part of science and civilization today. This science includes the study of the properties of all metals. The industry is divided into two parts. Before separating and purifying from other elements. And second, shaping after melting, what shape to give it.

Currently, more than (70)% of the required metals from metal-forming rocks after the separation process are widely used in various industries. Most metals are in the form of chemical compounds or mixtures of citrus. For example, copper is found in 240 types of rocks. The highest is in CuFeS4 (63.3%) residual iron and sulfur. Most metals are separated by heat and some by chemical interaction. Many metal smelters produce several types of metals, called ferrous and non-ferrous metalworking.

Summary of this course:
Archaeological research has shown that in ancient times and then iron, pottery still showed its superiority over metal. But gradually humans realized the various properties and properties of metals such as melting power, hardness, strength and durability. And have become more familiar with the usability of metals. So that in the manufacture of some tools for hunting, war and agriculture, metal has been replaced by bone, stone, wood and pottery. Thus, since the beginning of the use of metal in the eighth millennium BC, metal objects have played a major role in the composition and formation of human civilization. And played a special role. And he has always been with him as an essential part of human life.

Metal can be used as the most important evidence in scientific, historical, and archaeological research due to its stability, durability, material strength, non-impact and fracture and remaining in its original form. The only thing that has caused the destruction of old metal objects is the profiteering of ignorant people who, out of greed, melted the precious metal objects after excavation and turned them into pure ingots and sold them in the markets.

Virtual metalworking training course topics:

  • Identify metals and extract them

Metalworking training

Prerequisites for a metalworking training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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