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  • November 8, 2021
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PDMS Software E-Learning

Virtual Learning PDMS software or Plant Design Management System is one of the most powerful (and according to some the most powerful) plumbing system design software in the world. PDMS software is made by AVENA company. This software has many applications in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. This is while in the installation industry, this software is used to design motorhomes.

PDMS software has countless capabilities, some of which we will mention below:

  • Initial modeling of a site (PLANT)
  • Complete design of a refinery, power plant or engine room
  • Complete design of piping system (piping)
  • Ability to build project equipment (Structure) of the project
  • Ability to output all materials and equipment used in the design
  • Conscious restraints on the paths of fluids passing through the pipes
  • Simple graphic display
  • Has an extensive database (Database)
  • Ability to create new equipment and design a catalog for this equipment
  • Ability to work under the network

The most important parts and modules of PDMS software:

  • DESIGN module: is the most important part of PDMS software that deals with unit modeling.
    In general, a process unit consists of mechanical units, civil, piping, electrical, instrumentation, etc. In the design module, all these units can be modeled with all its different parts.
    There is a separate section in the DESIGN module for designing each unit. Including Pipework, Equipment, Structure, Hvac and بخش sections.
  • ADMIN: This section is related to the management of the whole system in which you can define the project, create databases, define users and assign passwords to them, create work areas for each user, view user activity, create coordination between users , Creating work teams and… mentioned.
  • PARAGON & SPECON: This section is for cataloging other sections of PDMS software. Including the definition of the PMS certificate for the piping section as well as the catalogs required by the Structure & Instrument sections.
  • DRAFT: Used to prepare two-dimensional and three-dimensional drawings, including Plot plan, Piping plan, Key plan, and… to show the location of equipment, pipes, tools, and other elements in the unit.
    All these maps are prepared in different formats for use in common software such as AutoCAD.
  • ISODRAFT: In this section, isometric output can be obtained from PDMS software. These drawings are used for the Piping system and give us specifications such as the path of the pipe and the location of the connections and equipment and the length of the pipe.
  • SPOOLER: It has many uses for dividing isometric lines in the Shop site.

List of PDMS Virtual Training Courses:

  • PDMS process design
  • PDMS
  • PDMS modules

PDMS virtual training course is useful for the following fields:
Prerequisites for PDMS software training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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