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  • November 8, 2021
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Performing Layout With InDesign Software E-Learning

Virtual layout tutorial with InDesign software: You are probably still unfamiliar with InDesign software. And you do not know exactly when to use it. You must have heard that InDesign is the standard design software for the printing industry. But how does this software help the printing industry? From InDesign to design brochures, magazine pages, newspapers, posters. Business cards, postcards, stickers, comics and other types of documents and print media are used.

more details:
Professional graphic designers who work in the field of publishing or advertising use this software. When designing, InDesign can be used alongside other graphic software of Adobe or used alone. Graphic designs and images usually cannot be created professionally inside InDesign. Instead, they can be made in other software and transferred to InDesign to be used alongside texts and headlines. Using InDesign is like having a pen and paper in your hands. And you can easily create suitable designs for printed texts in it.

What you will learn in the page layout course with InDesign software:

  • Design professional publications such as magazines using InDesign
  • Apply editorial design principles to InDesign publications
  • Use various InDesign functions and tools to create publications and other promotional content
  • Create a magazine and brochure in InDesign
    Who is suitable for virtual layout training course with InDesign software:
  • Anyone who wants to create professional publications using InDesign must pass this course

Prerequisites for page layout course with InDesign software:

  • This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the basics

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