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  • November 8, 2021
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Public International Law E-Learning

Virtual training in public international law is designed to provide people with a thorough understanding of public international law. Public international law deals with the relations of the international community and international governments and organizations, such as peace and security, legal, cultural, economic and other conflicts.
Public international law is a branch of international law and means a set of applicable rules and regulations that govern international relations, regulate relations between members of the international community and relations between states, or between states and international organizations, and constitute its main source. And are treaties between states or customs and the custom and procedure of international courts. As states exercise their sovereignty, heads of state and political agents are also subject to public international law on behalf of their respective governments in international relations. The main topics of public international law, more commonly referred to as international law, are persons under international law, the law of international organizations, and the peaceful settlement of international disputes.

Differences between private international law and public international law:

  • Public international law, unlike private international law, is the same and uniform in all member states of international treaties, while private international law is as diverse as the number of legal systems of countries.

Disputes concerning public international law are dealt with in the International Court of Justice and other international courts or tribunals. In addition to special international arbitration centers, disputes related to private international law are also dealt with in domestic courts.

The chapters of the Virtual Training in Public International Law course are:
Fundamentals of International Law
History of International Law
International courts and tribunals
Jurisdiction issues in international law
Difficulties in enforcing international law around the world
The Impact of Nationalism and Politics on International Law
Who is this course for:
Law students
Master degree students
Undergraduate students
Undergraduate student
Ph.D. students
Employees of NGOs or charities
Prerequisites for Public International Law Course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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