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  • November 8, 2021
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Punishment And Criminology E-Learning

Virtual education of criminology and criminology is the study of criminal phenomena. Criminals today commit complex crimes that require a specialized course. This tendency is closely related to all individual and social dimensions of society.
Criminal law is divided into two parts: substantive (general and specific) and formal (criminal procedure). The substantive judgment itself becomes two parts, public and private. General punishment is about the general rules for punishments and crimes. There is also a special penalty for special circumstances.

Criminal law and criminology is a branch of public law and has general principles and rules governing the substantive and independent aspects that are closely related to all aspects of the individual and social life of citizens. Punishment and criminology cover various branches of criminal science, including legal criminal science, experimental criminal science, criminal policy, and criminal philosophy. The ever-changing evolution of the human lifestyle, the principles and foundations of criminalization and the guarantee of criminal executions have made this field one of the most rapidly evolving trends in the field of law.

Forensic science is divided into two main parts: substantive and formal criminal law. The disciplines of general criminal law and specific criminal law are a subset of substantive criminal law. General criminal law is a science that studies the general and common rules of crimes and punishments, and specific criminal law is a branch of substantive criminal law that focuses on the study of specific crimes and the specific conditions governing them and the punishments that may be imposed. To be is.

Formal Criminal Law (Criminal Procedure Code): The criminal procedure code, which is important in the interval between the occurrence of a crime and the issuance of a sentence, is a set of rules and regulations for detecting a crime, prosecuting and investigating defendants, appointing competent authorities, methods of appealing and The expression of the duties of judicial and law enforcement officials during the proceedings of criminal cases and the execution of sentences on the one hand and the rights of freedoms of the accused, on the other hand, has been formulated and compiled.

List of topics of the virtual training course of punishment and criminology:
Islamic Penal Code
Criminal Procedure Code
A little criminology
Scientific Strategies for Crime Prevention
Virtual penal and criminology training is useful for the following disciplines:
Criminal Law and Criminology
Prerequisites for the criminal and criminology training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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