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  • November 8, 2021
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Specialized English Language For Hostesses E-Learning

Hostess Virtual English Virtual Training: An airline flight attendant is a member of the aircrew employed by airlines to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers on commercial flights as well as premier ceremonial jets. The stewardess’s job is to help travelers have a comfortable, safe and enjoyable journey. In other words, in an air flight, the flight attendant has the most responsibility after the pilot.

The host must be fluent in a foreign language. Of course, there are differences between airlines in the amount and quality of the subject matter. The hostess must be gentle and decisive in dealing with different passengers. Having good communication skills and the ability to do things as a team is very important in this job. In terms of appearance, the hostess should always be neat and tidy, with a well-groomed appearance and body shape, and wear airline uniforms.

A host should also be physically fit because he usually has to stand for many hours or travel in small spaces. Unfavorable weather conditions of the plane sometimes make these conditions more difficult.

Duties of flight attendants

  • Passengers are welcomed on board and on board
  • Show passengers in their place and pay special attention to some passengers such as the elderly or disabled
  • Provide meals and drinks
  • Check the status and provide equipment and emergency information for passengers
  • Demonstrate emergency equipment and safety measures
  • Do first aid
  • Emergency handling
  • Provide passengers with newspapers, magazines and flight entertainment
  • Sell commercial goods without duties and pursue sales goals
  • Preparation of written flight reports after the trip.

What you will learn in the hostess specialized English language course:

  • Introducing the flight attendant / cabin crew / flight attendant
  • You will get information about the job responsibilities of the aircraft host or cabin crew
  • You will be informed about emergencies
  • You will get information about flight, flight post, pre-flight service
  • You will know about the company or the conditions of the airline
  • You will get information about the interview conditions

Who is the right host for English language courses?

  • Those who want to create a job in the aviation industry or aviation
  • Those who work on airplanes and want to change their specifications
  • Someone who loves the flight attendant lifestyle

Prerequisites for this course:

  • Laptops, desktops, computers
  • Phone, phone
  • You must be able to read English

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