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  • November 8, 2021
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Topics Of Getting Agriculture Brand E-Learning

GAP Agricultural Trademark Virtual Training is designed to familiarize people with the basics of GAP Trademark Recruitment GlobalGAP is a private licensing body that sets the standard for voluntary certification of agricultural production processes. These standards are based on a set of internationally recognized agricultural standards dedicated to Good Agricultural Practice Procedures (GAP). By obtaining certification, farmers and producers show consumers and others that they are in compliance with GlobalGAP standards throughout the production process. The GlobalGAP standard addresses consumer safety concerns.

GAP certificate of agricultural products shows that in the production process, environmental indicators, quality, تولید correct production process, structure and good working conditions for producers in the production to consumption stages have been observed. Confidence and ensuring the health of food products and products consumed by society in any country is the most important indicator of promoting social health. Without a GlobalGAP license, farmers may be barred from entering certain markets. Research has shown that GlobalGAP helps farmers earn more money for their crops. In addition it improves the health and safety of the farm.

The ultimate goals of the GAP deployment are:

  • Minimize physical, chemical, microbiological contamination in the product to ensure food safety and security
  • Reverse product tracking
  • Improving the quality and especially the health quality of the product
  • Improving consumption efficiency and application of factors and production resources
  • Reduce the consumption of chemical compounds in production
  • Minimize the destructive effect of agricultural activities on the environment
  • Implementation of IPM in agricultural production

What is GAP?
GAP stands for Good Agricultural Practices. Appropriate farming practices (GAP) are the best way to grow, harvest, package and transport crops that will help minimize the risk of foodborne illness associated with these crops.

What are GAP codes, standards and regulations?
Codes, standards and regulations for good agricultural operations (GAP) are guidelines that have been developed in recent years by the food industry, producer organizations, governments and non-governmental organizations with the aim of developing agricultural programs for a range of goods.

Prerequisites for the virtual training course on the principles of receiving the GAP Agricultural Award:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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