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  • November 8, 2021
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Topics Of ISO 10015 Education Management System E-Learning

Virtual Training ISO 10015 Training Management System Topics: ISO 10015 is a guide standard from the ISO 9000 family that describes the training process and how to organize it. This International Standard provides solutions that organizations and human resources can assist within matters of education. The ISO 10015 standard can be used when interpreting references related to training topics in the ISO 9000 standard group in the field of quality assurance and quality management can be used.

The disadvantage of this standard is the provision of guidelines for organizations to identify, analyze and analyze training needs and design and plan training. Provisions for training, training evaluation, process control and improvement are more effective. And it aims to help organizations make their training a more effective and efficient investment.

4 main stages of ISO 10015:
1- Training needs assessment: In this stage, organizations identify the training needs of their employees. These needs can be the gap between the skills and knowledge required by an organizational position with the person in charge. Or increase the skills and awareness of staff who need to learn.

This needs assessment is reviewed after submission. Some training are approved and some may be held in subsequent courses. (Usually, the training cycle period is considered 6 months)

2- Planning: After the needs assessment is done, a schedule should be considered for the implementation of approved training.

3- Execution: The developed programs are executed at the specified times

4- Educational effectiveness: It is checked whether the provided training have been effective or not.

Virtual Training Course Topics ISO 10015 Training Management System Topics:

  • ISO 10015 standard training
  • Introduction to 10015 and its implementation strategy

Prerequisites for the ISO 10015 Education Management System Topics course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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