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  • November 8, 2021
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Topics Of ISO 22000 Food Safety Management E-Learning

ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Virtual Training: This standard was officially introduced on September 1, 2005, by the I / TC 34 Food Standards Technical Committee of the International Organization for Standardization. Representatives of the WHO / FAO Food Law Commission worked closely with the ISO / TC34 ISO Committee to develop the ISO 22000 standard. This was a very positive point in the globalization of this standard. ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System is a global standard that was approved by the members of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) last year.

Everyone is involved in the food production chain, such as raw material producers, feed and aquaculture producers, poultry and aquaculture breeders, and freight companies. Product storage warehouses, additive manufacturers, packaging manufacturers, chemical manufacturers. Cleaning and disinfection of food factory surfaces as well as service companies are covered by this global standard.

What you will learn in the ISO 22000 Food Safety Management course:

  • How to implement measures and controls to comply with ISO 22000
  • Standards and regulations applicable in the food industry
  • HACCPs and PRPs
  • Identify and prevent specific hazards and hazards caused by food
  • Food industry and risk analysis and critical control points
  • Requirements for food producers
  • Successful application of preventive measures in food industry
  • Risk analysis in the food industry
  • GMP compliance documents
  • ISO 22000 clauses
  • Certification (how it works, it’s worth it)
  • Create a culture of food safety
  • The future of food safety and ISO 22000

What a good food safety management system (FSMS) should look like

Who eligible for the ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Virtual Training Course:

  • Companies, managers and employees working in the production, distribution or supply of food
  • Risk managers
  • Service providers interested in ISO 22000 standard
  • Managers and staff quality control

Prerequisites for ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Course:

  • A general understanding of the food industry is a useful field, however there are no specific preconditions

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