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  • November 8, 2021
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Trade Law E-Learning

Virtual law training is designed to familiarize people with the concepts and rules of business law. Commercial law includes a range of rules and regulations that range from trade and commercial transactions, such as the sale and purchase of goods, brokerage, brokerage, agency, and enterprise to transportation by sea, land, air, insurance operations, barter, exchange, and banking. And capital and profits and commercial offices and public and private joint-stock companies with limited liability and partnership and relative and mixed and production and distribution and consumption cooperatives and types of shares and company shares and company assemblies and how to establish and manage them and the duties of managers and inspectors They discuss as well as business documents such as checks, bills, promissory notes, warehouse receipts, sales invoices and various contracts, joint and several liability and bankruptcy of merchants and commercial companies, and the liquidation of the property and assets of the bankrupt merchant and the duties of management. Liquidation and termination of bankruptcy is other part of related issues.

Commercial law is a legal science term that discusses merchants and commercial law, commercial documents and various contracts. Not all business activities are necessarily subject to the provisions of the Commercial Code, as these provisions have a specific aspect. If there is no specific law in the commercial law or the commercial law is ambiguous and concise, the general law, which is the civil law, is referred to.

Commercial law can be divided into two categories:
Real-time trading.
Trade-in cyberspace or electronics. It is obvious that doing business and consequently the formation of trade rights in real space is the principle and its rules can be extended to e-commerce.
List of Business Law Virtual Training Courses:

  • Business Law 1
  • Business Law 2
  • Business Law 3
  • Business Law 4
  • Business Law 5

Virtual Business Law course is useful for the following disciplines:
Business Law Course Prerequisites:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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