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  • November 8, 2021
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Vocabularies And Idioms In English News E-Learning

Virtual Learning Vocabulary and Terms in English News: Americans are very difficult to understand. Speak fast. They use a lot of slang. Shred several words together to create new words. They only pronounce parts of the words we use. This course is designed to teach the most common slang terms and terms that English-speaking Americans use every day. It is also designed to help you pronounce words without accent or reduce your native accent and get acquainted with the words and terms in the news.

This course uses everyday conversations that are exactly what Americans say at work, school, and home. This course is suitable for intermediate and advanced English students who are trying to recognize American accents or understand Americans when they speak slang.

This course can also benefit a novice student. You will probably not understand many of the words and phrases used, but you will learn important sounds and pronunciations, and you will need to practice listening to American English. Listening and practicing are two important things you need to do to learn English quickly.

What you will learn in the Virtual Training Vocabulary and Terms in English News course:

  • After passing this course, you will understand many of the most common slang terms and American spoken English terms.
  • How many American English words and phrases are pronounced by Native English speakers in the United States.

Who is suitable for English words and terms training course in English news?

  • Anyone who wants to better understand the English that Americans speak and write.
  • Anyone who needs to practice listening to English.
  • Anyone who wants to learn a lot of slang and idioms.
  • Anyone interested in hearing the news.

Prerequisites for this course:

  • Basic English language skills are very useful, but not necessary. You can only learn by listening.

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