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  • November 9, 2021
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Applying The Generalities Of Economics With The Approach Of The Football Industry E-Learning

Virtual training using the generalities of economics with the approach of the football industry has been created for people to be fully acquainted with economics with the approach of the football industry. Football and economics, two words that are intertwined in today’s world and have preserved the life and survival of football. Football, with its increasing growth in the countries of the world, has also influenced the resulting economy as part of the currents of society.

With the help of existing sponsors, football supports private and public goods in such a way that it is able to promote the commodity economy in the minds of the people as an approved example at different times in the market. Football continues its professional life with the help of its sponsors, in which television also plays an important role. Selling game points to television is also a controversial part of the football economy. Although football is one of the most lucrative sports, it has its expenses

A lot should be spent on its maintenance. One of the most expensive football stadiums in the stadium, where the billboards are beautifully decorated. Buying players is also one of the most expensive and in a way the most lucrative parts of teamwork and football.

The impact of football on the economy:
Football is a phenomenon that affects many economic, social and even political issues of countries. And because of its sheer breadth, it has gained countless athletes and spectators, large financial investments, and extensive media coverage in fields far beyond any other sport. Football has become a lucrative sport over time. As in developed countries due to growth in several dimensions. And especially in commercial and economic dimensions, it is referred to as the football industry

Virtual training course topics using the generalities of economics with the approach of the football industry:
Fundamentals of Economics
Explain the science of economics, territory and background
Explain economics, its nature and function
Application of economic structure and policies
Cost and production cost analysis
Explain money and bank application
Prerequisites for applying the course of general economics with the football industry approach:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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