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  • November 9, 2021
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Beginner Riding Horses E-Learning

Virtual equestrian training for equestrian riders has been created for the complete acquaintance of people with beginner equestrianism.

Horseback riding is one of the most enjoyable and expensive sports in the world. This sport is very old and has existed since time immemorial. At that time, equestrianism was used to fight and convey the message, and like today, there was no such thing as equestrian competition. In general, horseback riding means riding a horse and guiding it to the desired path. This guidance first requires the coach’s practice and care.

Equestrianism, like any other sport, has its own principles that have been passed down to us from time immemorial. Equestrian education is also given to interested people all over the world. The sport also strengthens the relationship between humans and animals; Because the success of both of them depends on the respect and trust they have in each other.

What are the principles of equestrianism?

  • Hands in the air
    In equestrian training it should be said that you should not shake your hands while riding a horse because this will cause the horse’s mouth to loosen and the rider will have no control over the horse.
  • Play and push with your feet
    The rider at the beginning of the equestrian training must maintain his balance and also not cling to the saddle. In equestrian principles, when sitting on a horse saddle, you should allow your legs to be free and free from the pelvis down.
  • Standing on your toes
    The feet of a working rider should be fixed and below him. You should also try to coordinate your movements with the horse going up and down.
  • Dip your foot into the pedals
    The most important principle in equestrianism is to check the length of the stirrup strap. The length of the stirrup strap should be such that when you sit on a horse and hang your legs, the stirrup is next to the ankle bone of your ankles.
  • Correct sitting posture
    A working rider should sit flat on the horse. In fact, he should lift his chin and look where he is going, not around him.

Vocational equestrian training courses for beginners:
Approach and connect with the horse
Operations inside the stables
Operations outside the stables
Guide the horse in a variety of movement steps
Prerequisites for a beginner equestrian riding course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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