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  • November 9, 2021
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Brailletonik E-Learning

Virtual training for a tonic instructor is a job in the field of educational services that make it possible for you to learn the alphabet of different languages ​​by moving and touching or applying rules. This job creates joy and fights depression through games, leisure entertainment and performances. For you, goodness increases people’s creativity in the production of goods and increases self-esteem and self-unity. This job provides entrepreneurship for everyone, especially people in deprived areas and certain groups, without gender, age, physical or mental restrictions. This job can be a factor for peace and solidarity between nations.

For tonic, one of the ways to achieve a good lifestyle (healthy lifestyle) is to provide health training services, for massage (massage for tonic) and teaching different languages ​​along with physical activity and physical activity. Gives birth.

Tonic Instructor Virtual Training Course Topics:

  • Explain the definitions for you
  • Coding and its application for you
  • Apply the basics for you
  • Perform techniques for you Nick
  • Application for you in sub-jobs
  • Application for you in health, physical education and sports
  • Application for you in relaxation and massage
  • Use for you in teaching different alphabets and languages
  • Use for you in leisure, fun, games and entertainment
  • Application for you in entrepreneurship, creativity, design and production
  • Use for you in shows, acting and puppetry
  • Use for you in helping peace and solidarity of individuals and nations

Prerequisites for the instructor training course for tonics:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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