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  • November 9, 2021
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Captain Restaurant E-Learning

Virtual training of restaurant host, restaurant host is a job in the hotel industry, which in addition to having high social etiquette when welcoming and chasing them, has complete control over the job of host and host, has a high ability to communicate with guests to get their opinions and criticisms. Be able to take orders from them.

Restaurant Host Head Skills:

  • How to welcome and chase away restaurant guests according to how they differ from each other
  • Cooking a variety of appetizers and calories
  • Cooking a variety of main dishes and calories
  • Prepare or combine a variety of drinks and calories
  • Prepare or bake desserts and calories
  • Serve a variety of sliced ​​foods (steak, jigo, lamb and…)
  • Serve multi-stage meals
  • Serving Flemish dishes
  • Serve meals with special reception methods
  • Serve a variety of drinks (tea, coffee, soft drinks and…)
  • Supervising and supervising the work of the restaurant host
  • Supervising and supervising the work of the restaurant host
  • Training with the help of restaurant hosts and updating it to improve the collection
  • Educate restaurant hosts and update them to upgrade the complex
  • Monitor the correct arrangement of the desk
  • Monitoring the performance and workplace of station staff
  • Monitoring the correct position of all supplies and supplies used in the relevant station

Virtual training course topics for restaurant hosts:

  • Welcoming and escorting restaurant guests
  • Guide guests in choosing food and drinks
  • Assist restaurant hosts in providing special food and drinks
  • Supervise and supervise the work of your subordinate personnel
  • Specialized training to the personnel of your subdivision
  • Full monitoring of your respective station
  • Transfer comments and suggestions of guests to the superior
  • Use English in hosting a restaurant
  • Prepare a work report and submit it to the superior

Prerequisites for the training course of the head of the restaurant host:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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