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  • November 9, 2021
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Chef Of The Hotel Kitchen And Pastries E-Learning

Virtual training for the chef of the hotel kitchen and confectionery has been created for people to be fully acquainted with the duties of the chief of the hotel kitchen and confectionery. , Know the types of sweets and desserts. The general definition of a chef is a person who oversees all the activities of the kitchen and the performance of its staff. The overall task is to ensure customer satisfaction with the taste of the food as well as its appearance. Most chefs are involved in things like menu planning and pricing, inventory, safety, and so on.

Competencies and duties of a professional chef:

  • Having a strong sense of taste and smell and testing cooked food before distribution
  • Supervise all cooking processes from preparation of raw materials (cleaning rice, peeling onions and potatoes, chopping chicken and meat, etc.), cooking, delivery and distribution of cooked food
  • Supervise the work of chefs, assistant chefs and simple kitchen staff
  • Draw food in suitable containers and decorate food
  • Ability to manage and guide kitchen staff
  • Ability to minimize stress in the workplace and between kitchen staff
  • Ability to train kitchen staff
  • Restricted to choosing first-class food and cooking food in the best way in terms of health, taste and up-to-dateness
  • Ability to gain customer satisfaction by creating diverse menus based on creativity and initiative
  • Proper management of orders (food raw materials) with minimal shortage or waste of materials
  • Control the amount of daily input and output
  • Prepare a checklist to prepare the required items and order them to the purchaser
  • Familiarity with health, safety and health instructions and are bound to follow them
  • Cost management by controlling the costs of raw materials, equipment and…
  • Kitchen cleaning management

Vertical training course for the chef of the entire kitchen and confectionery of the hotel:
Ability to equip and design the kitchen
Ability to plan the environment
Ability to manage production
Ability to recognize a variety of sweets and desserts
Ability to apply occupational safety and health standards in the workplace
Prerequisites for the chef course of the entire kitchen and confectionery of the hotel:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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