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  • November 9, 2021
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Coffee Man E-Learning

Virtual training of a coffee shop manager in the hotel, in the standard of training the job of a hotel coffee shop manager, principles of health, health, food storage and preparation of desserts, hot chocolates, icing, coffee and tea and use of tools, supplies and equipment of the coffee shop Data

Skills of a coffee shop manager in a hotel:

  • Introducing hotel services and rooms to guests
  • Introducing the function of different parts of the hotel for guests and customers (main and sub-parts of the hotel)
  • Designing the organizational chart of an average hotel
  • Prioritize tasks
  • Schedule tasks
  • Follow up on matters related to complaints and grievances of guests
  • Improve speech, behavior, cover type and appearance
  • Strengthen teamwork
  • Apply communication skills
  • Assistance to guests with special needs (disabled, blind and…)
  • Prepare a variety of coffee shop menus
  • Answering and guiding guests regarding the listed items
  • In the hotel coffee shop menu
  • Application, maintenance and use of coffee shop equipment: (all kinds of knives, forks, porcelain, glasses, pitchers, teapots, mats, table napkins, tables and chairs, counter table, teaspoon, sinks, shelves Storage of containers, ice makers, containers for rinsing and coffee makers)
  • Machine (coffee grinder, electric mixer, glass and porcelain polishing machine, bottle opener, funnel, electric and manual juicer, trays, cup, ice clamp, large trash can, measuring cup, glass Mixer, hand and electric grater, fruit peeler, sugar and fruit storage containers, freezer and refrigerator, heater, shaker, mixer)

Coffee shop manager’s virtual training course topics:

  • Organize and analyze the hotel organization
  • Communicate effectively with hotel guests and customers
  • Design and adjust the hotel coffee shop menu
  • Use of utensils, equipment and catering equipment in the coffee shop
  • Prepare and serve hot drinks
  • Prepare and serve a variety of desserts
  • Prepare and serve hot chocolate, icing, milkshake and snacks
  • Implementation of plans to increase sales in the coffee shop
  • Food storage and hygiene in the hotel coffee shop

Prerequisites for the training course of the coffee shop manager in the hotel:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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