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  • November 9, 2021
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Communication With Tourists In Arabic (Introductory Level) E-Learning

Virtual Learning to Communicate with Tourists in Arabic – Intermediate level, designed to familiarize people with Arabic concepts. Communicating with tourists in Arabic (intermediate level) is a competency in the field of tourism that is responsible for the tasks: correct use of words, pronunciation and rhythm of words and standard dialects of Arabic language at an intermediate level, correct use of common words and phrases and specialized terms Common in everyday conversations of tourism in eloquent and slang Arabic At the secondary level, everyday conversation and colloquialism are used in eloquent and slang Arabic’s common vocabulary and idioms.

This course prepares you to learn how to pronounce Arabic words correctly when practicing in a native Arabic language to understand others and express your feelings. Instead of focusing on tedious and confusing grammar rules, this course teaches you how to start directly with practical phrases and expressions.

The chapters of the e-learning course on communicating with tourists in Arabic – high school level are:
Speak standard Arabic that is understandable to all Arabic-speaking countries.
Combine Arabic phrases with a few selected words alone.
Understand the important Arabic words used in everyday situations without much effort.
Improve your Arabic pronunciation through tricks and exercises.
requirements :
You need a computer and an internet connection.
Privacy to practice speaking out loud.
Who is this course for:
Someone who has little previous knowledge of the Arabic language.
A person who wants to speak Lesson 0 in standard Arabic, without getting caught up in the grammar and confusing rules.
Someone looking for practical/everyday Arabic life.
Someone who wants to build a solid foundation in Arabic.
Someone who does not know how to read Arabic letters but wants to speak.
Prerequisites for the course of communication with tourists in Arabic – Intermediate level:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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