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  • November 9, 2021
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Communication With Tourists In English (Secondary Level) E-Learning

Virtual Learning to Communicate with Tourists in English-Intermediate: Throughout history, there have always been rich and affluent people to see sights and masterpieces of art. Learning a new language and experiencing a different culture, along with tasting fresh food, have traveled to different parts of the world. The word tourism is derived from the root meaning to travel and has been transformed into a modern form by finding its way into English.

In recent decades, another view of tourist and tourism has been created. That tourism can increase the income of destination countries. This attention and reflection on this point has given special importance to the issue of tourism. The reason for generating income from tourism is also clear. When tourists travel to a city or country, they have to pay for travel expenses such as accommodation, food, transportation, tours and shopping. As it turns out, people typically buy souvenirs and specialty goods wherever they travel. By doing so, they increase the income of the people of the destination country.

Correct use of words of places and religious terms to tourists in English. The educational standard “Communicating with tourists in English (intermediate level)” is a competency in the field of tourism that is responsible for the following tasks: 1- Correct use of standard English words, phonetics and accents. 2 – The correct use of common words and phrases and some common specialized terms in everyday tourism conversations in English. 3- Everyday conversation and conversation is done in English using words and some common specialized tourism terms.

What you will learn in the English – High School Tourist Communication course:

  • Speak confidently to English-speaking tourists to your country Virtual Tourist Communication Course in English – Who is suitable for high school:
  • Anyone who wants to enter the tourism industry. Or someone who wants to increase their earning capacity in tourism

Prerequisites for the Virtual Training Course for Communicating with Tourists in English-Secondary:

  • Communication with tourists in English – introductory level

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