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  • November 9, 2021
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Cores Pondamce In Football Industry (I) E-Learning

Virtual training for the use of writing etiquette and administrative correspondence in the football industry (introductory) is a general course of familiarity with the principles and methods of Persian writing in the administrative correspondence of the football industry based on the basics of communication.

Summary of this course:
One of the most important tools to achieve the goals of the organization is to establish a formal relationship through office writing. Administrative correspondence is the official language of the organization and will lead to the success and development of the organization. Therefore, one of the pillars of the structure of offices is office writing, which on the other hand indicates the level of knowledge, expertise and expertise of employees and managers of the organization.

One of the most important factors in the human achievement of astonishing scientific, cultural, social, economic and technical progress is the invention of calligraphy. Not only was a man able to control time and space through writing; He became acquainted with the thoughts and ideas of the past and the inhabitants of other regions and influenced the thoughts and ideas of his contemporaries, but he was able to inform other generations of his thoughts and ideas and be influenced from the smallest to the greatest developments.

Writing skills
Writing, in addition to requiring innate taste and talent, requires the acquisition of skills that are acquired through practice and repetition. Writing skills as a fan are acquired through a lot of reading and writing:

  • Reading: By studying, you can learn writing skills and strengthen it. By reading various writings;
  • Writing: Acquiring writing skills is not possible only through reading, even reading books on writing etiquette and grammar can not lead to acquiring writing skills.

Virtual training course topics for using the rules of writing and administrative correspondence in the football industry (introductory):

  • Apply the correct principles of interviewing
  • Apply the correct principles of reporting
  • Using the correct correspondence methods
  • Using the correct reporting methods
  • Applying the basics and principles of communication

Prerequisites for applying the course of writing and administrative correspondence in the football industry:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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