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  • November 9, 2021
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Create Me Fit In Mahada E-Learning

Virtual training to make me fit in Mahada is competence in the field of the sports industry, which includes such things as performing self-cognition techniques in me-fit Mahada, performing health cognition techniques in me-fit Mahada, performing mental root techniques in me-fit Mahada, performing The techniques of the art of love and communication in Mahada are family recognition, goal setting and planning.

Creating a fit in Mahada is in the group of educational services and leads to a fit in the morning and the user’s soul.

Summary of this course:
Cognitive therapy is one of the psychotherapy methods that solve people’s psychological problems at different levels. This therapeutic approach and its principles and techniques are based on cognitive psychology. Which attach great importance to human cognitions and thoughts. And the type of these thoughts and cognitions are considered to contribute to the health or lack of mental health. Accordingly, during cognitive therapy, the cognitive therapist tries to correct the person’s thoughts and beliefs by recognizing them. And help the person to have more useful knowledge.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is new growth and development in psychological therapy. However, in this short time, there are three main reasons for this interest. First, cognitive-behavioral methods, unlike other forms of behavioral therapy, deal directly with thoughts and feelings, which are obviously important in all mental disorders. Second, cognitive-behavioral therapy bridges the gap that many therapists feel between purely behavioral and dynamic psychotherapy. Third, these new therapies, unlike dynamic psychotherapy, have a scientific basis and are more capable of evaluating clinical activity.

The topics of the virtual training course of creating me fit in Mahada:

  • Perform your cognition techniques in me fit Mahada
  • Implementing health recognition techniques in me fits Mahada
  • Perform mental root techniques in me fit Mahada
  • Performing art and communication art techniques in Mahada
  • Family recognition
  • Targeting and planning

Prerequisites for creating a tailored training course in Mahada:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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