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  • November 9, 2021
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EcoCamp Manager E-Learning

Ecocamp Manager Virtual Training: Ecocamp is places that are designed to respect the environment for all those who are interested in having a world with lively and fresh nature. These places are in fact attractive and lovely accommodations, where you should not miss the opportunity to spend pleasant times and experience staying. These spectacular accommodations are the same as eco-camps. We suggest that you stay with us until the end to get all the necessary knowledge of Iranian eco-camps and their related features.

Some features of eco-camps:

  • The design of eco-camps should be such that it is completely compatible with the environment and has the lowest amount of carbon dioxide production
  • Eco-camps use renewable energy, solar energy and wind energy are quite suitable for use. An ecocamp does not use petroleum fuels in any way to supply its energy
  • Eco-camps do not harm the vegetation and the surrounding environment. Generally, eco-camps have well-defined walkways to minimize damage to soil and vegetation
  • Eco-camps are completely compatible with the surrounding space. They are set up with materials that are the same color as the surrounding environment to cause the least damage to the surrounding animal cover
  • Eco-camps emphasize the use of labor from local communities. In this way, they create employment in the local community
  • Eco-camps should produce the least amount of waste, disposable containers are not used in them. Waste is separated from the beginning and then enters the recycling cycle
  • Eco-camps use natural and environmentally friendly detergents. Usually the water used in eco-camps returns to the cycle after reuse for other uses
  • Eco-camps use dry toilets, human waste is covered with sawdust after each disposal. Toilet tanks are removed from the natural environment after filling and new tanks are installed. Therefore, no ecocompany leaves its human waste in nature

The manager of Ecocamp is a job in the field of tourism that has the qualifications to analyze the tourism industry, plan, organizing human resources in natural resorts. Classify and identify the types of accommodation and organize nature tours in eco-camps. He is associated with jobs such as nature guide and tourist eco-manager.

Ecocamp Manager Virtual Training Course Topics:

  • Tourism industry analysis Planning and organizing manpower in natural residences Classification and identification of types of accommodation Establishment and operation of eco-camps Organizing nature tours in eco camps

Prerequisites of Ecocamp Manager Virtual Training Course:

  • This course is taught from the basics and does not require any special prerequisites.

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