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  • November 9, 2021
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Feast & Banquet Planner E-Learning

Virtual Celebration and Ceremony Planner Training is designed to familiarize people with the tasks of celebrating celebrations and ceremonies. A planner of celebrations and ceremonies is a person who has the ability to plan and perform various ceremonies. Rituals include a set of etiquettes: good manners (optional good manners such as greeting, respect for others, good manners and eloquence), politeness (compulsive behavior), and observance of domestic and international arrangements, laws, regulations and conventions.

Inside the country, many of us in relationships with friends and acquaintances do not fully observe the etiquette (ceremonial principles) or do not feel the need to do them, and the relevant people, some because of intimacy and friendship, and some because The reason for not knowing its principles is that they are neither upset nor thinking of reciprocity. But in the field of international relations, observance of rituals means preserving the manners and introducing the distinctive features of a nation and preserving the manners of the representatives of governments and observing the standard and customary international principles, which, on the other hand, cause resentment and recourse to reciprocity. Continuation of non-ceremonial behavior may lead to severe turmoil between the two countries and, on a smaller scale, two families or two families, and ultimately the severance of ties between the two countries.

Description of the duties of the administration of ceremonies and ceremonies:

  • Carrying out ceremonies, conferences, meetings and sessions, in accordance with the dignity of the guests.
  • Providing support services and holding various ceremonies, meetings and conferences in coordination with specialized units.
  • Coordinating and following up the design, printing and installation of placards on various occasions such as feasts, testimonies and the like.
  • Coordination in the reception of guests

Celebration and Ceremony Planner Virtual Training Course Topics:
Applying definitions and concepts of rituals
Establishing verbal and non-verbal communication in the ceremonies of the assemblies
Applying rules and regulations in establishing ceremonial offices and reception halls
Costing and financial management in celebrations and events
Planning and performing celebrations and ceremonies
Prerequisites for planning celebrations and ceremonies:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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