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  • November 9, 2021
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Geotourism Tour Guide E-Learning

Virtual training guide to land tours – tourism, has been created to familiarize people with the definitions and concepts of tours. , Geomorphology and specialized terms – Using equipment, tools and equipment for interpreting geographical tourist attractions and basic principles of settlement in nature, mountaineering, caving and desert climbing – Photography of geological phenomena and tourism – Using routing and climatic software and sites in Guiding tourist land tours – Establishing effective communication with tourist land and the correct way of expressing scientific information and interpretation of attractions – Implementing tourism land programs and introducing geotourism destinations and with jobs such as: Routing natural tourism areas – Guiding tourists in areas with vegetation Special – Rural and mountainous tourist guide – Nature tour guide and adventure tour guide.

What is geotourism?
Geotourism can be considered as a link between tourism and geology. In geotourism, one can look at tourist attractions and natural features with a different perspective and become familiar with their importance and consciously contribute to the sustainability of nature. Of course, this does not mean that geotourism is for geologists and those interested in this field of science, but it includes everyone.

Geotourism is a branch of ecotourism and a comprehensive approach to maximize the benefits of tourism in the region and the destination community, minimize the impact and damage to the environment and also help create the strategies needed to promote responsible tourism.
The chapters of the virtual training course guide for tourist land – geotourism are:
Explain the basic concepts of tourism.
Application of basic concepts of geomorphodiversity, geodiversity, geomorphology and specialized terms.
Use of equipment, tools and accessories for interpreting tourist attractions and basic principles Settling in nature, mountaineering, caving and desert climbing.
Photography and filming of geological phenomena and tourism.
Using routing and climatic software and sites to guide tourist land tours.
Establishing effective communication with the tourist land and the correct way of expressing scientific knowledge and interpretation of attractions.
Implementation of tourism land programs and introduction of geotourism destinations.
Prerequisites for the course of observing the guide of tourist land tours – Geotourism:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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