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  • November 9, 2021
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Holding And Executing Camps (Especially For Educators At The Ministry Of Education) E-Learning

Virtual training of holding and conducting special camps for cultural figures of the Ministry of Education: Holding and conducting camps is competence in the field of tourism, which has tasks such as: applying the rules and regulations of the camp, implementing camp programs and controlling, monitoring and evaluating the camp. Jobs such as: camp manager and management and planning in the camp are related.

Virtual training course for holding and conducting a special camp for cultural workers of the Ministry of Education Who is suitable:

  • Applying the rules and regulations of the army
  • Execution of camp programs
  • Control, monitoring and evaluation of the camp

The purpose of the planners of holding and conducting the camp:

  • Giving direction to camp programs based on verses of the Holy Quran in the field of travel and tourism
  • Creating a spirit of self-improvement and self-confidence among adolescents and young people
  • Discover and cultivate latent talents
  • Creating mood and vitality along with healthy entertainment in the lives of teenagers and young people
  • Familiarity with practical life without relying on others, ‌ Strengthening the spirit of service and social life and familiarity with group activities
  • Establish a favorable emotional relationship between the coach and the coach
  • Discovering and recognizing mental disorders and behavioral problems of adolescents and young people
  • Study and acquaintance with historical, cultural, religious, political, social and artistic issues
  • Teaching different skills in the army
  • Create a pleasant and memorable memory that evokes a series of positive concepts and values ​​that will be useful in the future lives of adolescents and young people.

Other goals:

  • Discharge excess energy of teenagers and young people in a controlled camp environment and create constructive interaction
  • Creating the right platform to practice a group life
  • Strengthen the sense of cooperation and collaboration by entrusting work and responsibilities
  • Gaining experience in various social, moral and cultural fields as well as strengthening beliefs
  • Contribute to the process of socialization and promotion of such skills
  • Increase public or specific awareness of school theoretical courses by conveying concepts visually and directly, which is much easier than the expressive method.
  • Practically convey the importance of discipline in personal life to participants
  • Control and education of personal health issues with the help of careful review and evaluation with encouragement

Prerequisites for holding a virtual training course for the Ministry of Education:

  • This course is taught from the basics and does not require any special prerequisites.

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