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  • November 9, 2021
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Hotel Cleaner E-Learning

Hotel Cleaner Virtual Training Hotel cleaning is a job that should be done to clean the interior and exterior of the hotel.

Cleaning duties:

  • Preparation and reception of hot and cold drinks
  • Catering to passengers
  • Cleaning and protection of kitchen utensils on a daily basis
  • Prepare a list and buy hotel necessities
  • Environmental cleaning including dusting, sweeping, pulling tees, changing beds and washing them.
  • Cleaning tables, cupboards, partitions, room ceilings, panels and glass
  • Wash with detergent and disinfect the bathroom
  • Cleaning the corridors and stairs and the hotel elevator
  • Transfer of waste and disposable and non-consumable materials out of the collection with the approval of the management and other tasks that each organization defines according to its conditions and are required to implement it.

Job description of your waiter:

  • Moving furniture and tools needed by staff
  • Transfer of items that should be transferred to the warehouse or discarded.
  • Purchase of office supplies for hotel staff with the approval of the logistics manager
  • Sending and moving documents and other tasks that each organization defines according to its conditions and are required to perform.

How hotel cleaners treat:

  • Non-verbal movements (body language) of service personnel in the presence of managers, staff or guests
  • The skill of introducing the hotel and its manager to others inside and outside the hotel
  • Professionally addressing people as well as organizational titles
  • Enjoy the work environment for yourself or colleagues
  • How to eat and drink in the presence of others

Hotel Cleaner Virtual Training Course Topics:

  • Check the organizational chart and public places of the hotel
  • Work with a variety of detergents and cleaning supplies
  • Garbage transportation
  • Repel insects and vermin
  • Applying protection, safety and health tips at work

Prerequisites for hotel cleaner training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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