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  • November 9, 2021
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Hotel Housekeeping Manager E-Learning

Virtual training of hotel house manager – accommodation manager, in the standard of hotel house manager job training, managerial duties and department supervision, supervision, cost control evaluation, planning, budgeting, application of hospitality rules and supervision of hotel management and cleaning operations methods, The decoration and decoration of the hotel space and the use of the necessary equipment are taught.

Hotel Housekeeping Skills – Accommodation Manager:

  • Proper implementation of laws, regulations and instructions related to the household sector
  • Prioritization and timing of tasks
  • Follow up on matters related to complaints and grievances of guests
  • Assistance to guests with special needs (disabled, blind and…)
  • Select, attract and arrange the correct manpower in the household sector
  • Supervision of proper performance by housekeeping staff
  • Preparation and preparation of financial and administrative reports of the housing sector
  • Supervise the purchase of supplies, equipment and supplies needed by the household sector
  • Supervising the quality and quantity of cleaning and hygiene affairs related to the household sector
  • Monitor the storage of lost and found objects
  • Calculate the cost and budget of detergents, fabric supplies and other required items
  • Calculate the cost and budget of repairs and maintenance
  • Calculate the cost and budget of personnel salaries

Virtual training course topics for hotel housekeeping manager – accommodation manager:

  • Analysis of the organizational chart of the hotel with emphasis on the housekeeping sector
  • Enforcement of rules and regulations related to the hotel’s housekeeping
  • Communicate effectively with hotel guests and customers
  • Manage, monitor and evaluate the rejection of the hotel housekeeping department
  • Implement cost control plans and budget proposals in the hotel housekeeping department
  • Supervising the implementation of cleaning and tidying operations in the hotel’s housekeeping department
  • Supervision and control over the optimal use of equipment, materials, tools and equipment of the rooms and the housekeeping department of the hotel
  • Offering design decoration and interior decoration of the hotel housekeeping section

Prerequisites for the training course of hotel house manager – accommodation manager:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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