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  • November 9, 2021
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Hotel Public Relations Officer E-Learning

The virtual training of the hotel’s public relations manager has been created for people to be fully acquainted with the duties of the hotel’s public relations manager. The hotel’s public relations manager should introduce the hotel’s facilities and services. And follow up and carry out internal and external communications, ceremonies, welcome and escort important guests and hold various meetings and conferences. The hotel’s public relations manager must have a wide range of social, scientific and cultural information. Up-to-date and familiarity with advertising methods and the introduction and use of virtual networks along with the art of expression are the required features of a public relations manager in the hotel.

Hotel Public Relations:
The term Public Relations refers to activities and concepts that are used to create understanding and attract more customers and clients. It is obvious that people want well-known people and hotels and restaurants that are thinking about their future. In the first step, they should try to spread their good name and reputation and take the lead in establishing understanding relationships and satisfying the people.
Advertising is necessary to gain a good reputation, and this can be done by factors such as the appearance of the building, the refreshing and refreshing atmosphere of the hotel, printing posters and installing beautiful and pleasant advertising placards, printing and publishing advertisements or Reports have concluded that each of these factors, whether directly or indirectly, can expose the facilities, equipment, manner of reception, programs and social human goals of these institutions to public judgment.

Virtual training course topics for the hotel’s public relations manager:
Check the hotel organizational chart
Communicate effectively with hotel guests and customers
Introducing hotel services to hotel guests and customers
Archive of records and information of hotel guests and customers
Intra-organizational communication (hotel staff and managers)
Establishing external communication
Welcoming, escorting and following up with the hotel guests
Use of media and communication systems in the hotel
Supervise the implementation of rules and regulations related to the hotel with a customer focus
Prerequisites for the hotel’s public relations course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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