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  • November 9, 2021
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Hotel Storekeeper E-Learning

Hotel warehouse virtual training refers to a job that orders, maintains, classifies and exports the required goods of the hotel, including raw materials and consumables, property and equipment based on the correct system.

Hotel warehousing tasks:

  • Before the arrival of the goods, the place of unloading the goods should be completely clean and tidy.
  • The warehouseman is obliged to provide special storage conditions for each species. For example, foods should be stored in the refrigerator at a suitable temperature away from the sun until requested.
  • The warehouseman is obliged to record the date of arrival of the goods in the warehousing forms and the office or warehousing system in order to prevent the goods of the warehouse from rotting and deteriorating.
  • The hotel warehouse should be completely isolated and without any holes for the intrusion of animals such as mice and..
  • The type of arrangement of the goods should be such that it is not possible for the goods to fall and damage the goods.
  • However, the warehouse manager is obliged to check and inspect the food in the warehouse.
  • Report any changes in the warehouse immediately.
  • The warehouseman must issue a receipt and a special card for each sex.
  • Any goods that are deducted from the warehouse must be deducted from the inventory and a remittance must be issued for the exported goods.
  • The warehouseman must be fully acquainted with health issues such as personal hygiene, dressing training, familiarity with disinfectants and hygiene products, and..
  • Be familiar with safety issues such as familiarity with the first aid kit, familiarity with fire extinguishers and essential telephones in the warehouse.

Hotel Warehouse Virtual Training Course Topics:

  • Application of hotel storage rules and instructions
  • Coding of hotel warehouse goods based on types of hotel warehouse
  • Record the entry, exit and inventory of the hotel warehouse
  • Using warehouse information systems and related forms
  • Warehousing and determining the order point of goods

Prerequisites for the hotel storage period:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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