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  • November 9, 2021
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Hotel Table Decorator E-Learning

Virtual training of hotel table, hotel table is a profession in the field of hotel management with the aim of decorating and arranging all the tables that are in a way visible to the guests. This job is related to jobs such as hotel flower arranger, hotel host, hotel manager, hotel confectioner and hotel chef.

Hotel table skills:

  • Using table setting in different parts of the hotel. + Using suitable flowers for table decoration. + Using suitable flowers in different ceremonies. + Working with suitable flower arranging tools. + Using lighting devices in different places. + Working with ribbons. + Using decorative fabrics. With decorative items. + Harmony of colors and how to use them in hotel table decoration. + How to arrange decorative steel and silver dishes + Use of different dishes in hotel table decoration. + Implementation of reception methods.
  • Flowering napkins + Proper arrangement of tables with the science of table decoration + Working with all kinds of tablecloths, methyl and elastic + Using all kinds of folds + Using tools and equipment needed to decorate food and drinks
  • Application of decorative food and beverage consumables + Appropriate decoration of appetizers + Appropriate decoration of main dishes + Appropriate decoration of drinks + Appropriate decoration of desserts + Fruit arrangement in different ceremonies + Vegetable arrangement in different ceremonies + Behavioral skills appropriate with Collaborators on the job + establishing educational interaction with staff.

Hotel Desk Virtual Training Course Topics:

  • Use the appropriate table setting environment in the hotel
  • Use suitable table setting tools
  • Use of appropriate colors in the hotel table
  • Application of catering supplies and accessories in the hotel table setting
  • Decorate a variety of food and drinks
  • Applying etiquette in the hotel table setting

Prerequisites for the hotel desk training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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