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  • November 9, 2021
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Laws And General Rules Of Iran’ S Football E-Learning

Virtual training to explain the general rules and regulations of the football industry,

Transfers of players in the football industry is a specialized course for the management of football clubs in the field of sports technology.

Summary of this course:

In these regulations, the following words are used in the meanings that are subsequently defined for them, unless otherwise specified in the regulations themselves and in a proportionate manner. These definitions are an integral part of the disciplinary regulations.

1- Before the match: The time interval between the teams entering the stadium area and the start whistle of the match.

2-Match: It is a football, futsal or beach soccer match that is held in accordance with the relevant regulations.

3- After the match: The time interval after the end of the match whistle until the teams leave the stadium.

4- Official competition: It is a competition that is organized under the supervision of a football organization for all teams or clubs that are in the executive area of ​​that organization, and the points are effective in obtaining a license to participate in other competitions, unless the relevant competition rules specify otherwise. N.

5- International competition: It is a competition that is held between teams belonging to two different national federations (two clubs of one club and one national team or two national teams).

6- Friendly match: It is a match that is held by a football organization, a club or other persons between two teams that have been considered for this purpose (whether they are under the supervision of an organization and a federation or not) for any reason and Its points are only for the same match or tournament, but friendly matches between national teams will be effective in the FIFA ranking.

Virtual training course topics Explaining the general rules and regulations of the football industry:

  • Review the general rules and regulations of the sport of football
  • Explain the disciplinary regulations of the Football Federation
  • Review of football referees’ statutes
  • Explain the regulations of the provincial sports delegations
  • Explain the regulations of domestic football agents

Prerequisites of the training course explaining the general rules and regulations of the football industry:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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