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  • November 9, 2021
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Learning Psychology E-Learning

Virtual learning of learning psychology The role of learning is evident in all areas of life. Learning is not just about learning a specific skill with the curriculum. Rather, it affects emotional development, personality development, and human social interaction. Man learns what to fear. What to love. And were to behave. In fact, the baby is involved in the learning process from birth. And it is this ability that makes his daily progress and difference, as well as the difference between the people of one generation and the people of the generation before them. The learning process has always been considered due to its importance, and in this regard, many scientists have done the research and theorized and clarified the answers to many questions. So that you can be clear and confident about what learning is. How it happens. And what are the effective factors discussed?

Summary of this course:
You can see the world as something other than random stimuli (ie, the events you are experiencing) and responses (ie, your own behaviors), but you do not. How do you learn that one stimulus is related to another? (Classic conditioning)? How do you learn that your own behavior can change your environment? (Operational conditioning)? And how does classical and operational conditioning change the way you behave? As it turns out, these two forms of learning – and what they tell you about predicting your world – can change your behavior in amazing ways.

What you will learn in the Virtual Learning Psychology course:

  • Provides a framework for understanding concepts, phenomena and theories from the field of learning.
  • Shows key ideas in this field using movie clips and other popular media.
  • Explains important topics that are rarely discussed in learning textbooks.

Prerequisites for Learning Psychology:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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