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  • November 9, 2021
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Legal Institutions In The Iran Football Industry E-Learning

Virtual training for applying the principles of social behavior in the football industry – Advanced, has been created to fully acquaint people with the principles of social behavior in the football industry. Social personality expresses the correct and natural psychological development of individuals. If physical education in society is in accordance with the principles of this science, athletes will move away from individualism and self-centeredness, and the growth and natural life in the individual will be improved, which as a result of the flourishing of this talent, It is easier to establish and live next to them.

Psychologists’ views on the impact of football on people’s personalities:
Most psychologists consider the two categories of socialization in football and socialization through football. In the first case, the person becomes a social “athlete” in the role of teamwork, and in the second case (learning through football), learning of attitudes, values, skills and general tendencies such as chivalry, discipline, patience and endurance occurs.

Respect for social laws:
Since sports skills are performed according to the specific rules and regulations of each discipline and compliance with the rules of the game is mandatory for all players, the game is an opportunity to teach compliance and social conventions, especially for children who are involved with social rules at an early age. They do not have a practical effect.

Virtual training course topics Applying the principles of social behavior in the advanced football industry
Etiquette and principles of dealing with specific people
Applying the rules and principles of behavior in specific situations
Applying behavioral methods and techniques in difficult social and administrative conditions
Behavior in meetings and meetings
Apply the principles and rules of travel behavior
Paying attention to the customs and principles of social behavior abroad
Prerequisite for applying the principles of social behavior in the advanced football industry
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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