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  • November 9, 2021
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Marketing And Sales Management In The Football Industry E-Learning

Virtual training in marketing and sales management in the football industry (introductory) is a specialized course in the management of football clubs and in the field of sports technology.

Summary of this course:
In the world today, sports clubs are units that are formed and run for economic purposes. Clubs choose certain sports or sports for economic gain. And are activated in them. Also, clubs are investing in the establishment of stadiums and trying to reach high levels in the sports of their choice. So that they can earn more.

In the past, classical marketing theory focused on attracting new customers and conducting focused transactions. But as competition between companies and organizations intensifies in finding customers for their products and services, as well as increasing customer power in today’s competitive world, organizations
Not only should they seek to attract new customers, but they should also consider retaining existing customers and establishing strong relationships with them. Therefore, in sports activities, it is very important to pay attention to marketing, the idea of ​​supporting the final product and the customer. And focusing on the needs of sports customers and audiences is a key factor in the trend of sports marketing.

Today, many international sports federations and organizations have embraced new concepts of sports marketing. And act accordingly. They have found that focusing on the needs of sports customers means paying attention to the quality of sports, competitions and sports products, and providing customer service. As a result, these topics are considered to be the latest concepts in sports marketing. And any sports organization that is customer-oriented should be familiar with these concepts.

Marketing and sales management virtual training course topics in the football industry:

  • Review the definitions, concepts and philosophy of marketing and sales
  • Review of marketing models in the football sport industry
  • Explain the system and market components
  • Investigate the factors affecting the price
  • Definitions, systems and tactics of distribution, promotion and use
  • Marketing and sales planning
  • Applying research and analysis methods in marketing and sales

Prerequisites for the marketing and sales management training course in the football industry:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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