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  • November 9, 2021
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Microeconomics E-Learning

Virtual training to apply the basics of microeconomics in the football industry (with a view to the economy of Iranian football clubs), is a general course on the prerequisites of commercialization management of football clubs in the field of sports technology.

Summary of this course:

The economy is divided into several parts:
1- Microeconomic: examines economic behaviors at the micro-level. Such as family, businesses

  1. Macroeconomic: examines macroeconomic behaviors at the macro level. Such as national income, national employment, national production and…

Definition of economics:
Needs are divided into two groups: limited needs and unlimited needs.
Economics is the study of the application, how to allocate production resources that are limited and scarce in order to meet the most unlimited human needs. In other words, economics is the science of the optimal allocation of scarce resources.

Optimization and balance:
Optimization Principle: People strive to follow the best consumption pattern they can.
Balance principle: Prices change as long as the quantity demanded of a commodity does not equal its supply.

Demand Definition D – Demand:
Demand for a good or service is different quantities of the good and service that the buyer is willing and able to buy at different prices and other factors are fixed over a period of time.

Demand Law:
The law of demand states that assuming other factors are constant, as the price of a commodity (P) increases, the quantity demanded that commodity (Q) decreases. This negative and inverse relationship between P and Q is called the law of demand.

Virtual training course topics Applying the basics of microeconomics in the football industry:

  • Generalities and basic concepts in microeconomics
  • Explain economic systems based on microeconomics
  • Explain supply and demand policies
  • Production, market balance and utility
  • Explain economic behavior
  • Market analysis
  • Application of law and microeconomics

Prerequisites for the training course on applying the basics of microeconomics in the football industry:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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