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  • November 9, 2021
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Perform Advanced Mahada Techniques E-Learning

Virtual training in the implementation of Mahada advanced techniques is competence in the field of sports industry and includes tasks such as applying advanced principles
Force guidance movements, performing lying-down techniques, performing sitting-sitting techniques, performing standing-standing techniques, and performing balance techniques.

The meaning of the word Mahada:
Mahada is both cradle and non-cradle. That is, in the cradle, what first comes to the human mind is the cradle of the child. But Mahada is included where it is prepared for the child. Where used for adults. And also Mahada, wherever he prepares to rest. Or be prepared for human public life or an environmental family. Mahada includes the human position in this world and the position of human beings in the hereafter.

Summary of this course:
Each cycle (Mahada) includes several asanas and facilitating movements. In each cycle (Mahada), special attention is paid to the sequence of performing asanas with a special method. The arrangement of the movements is carefully designed taking into account the degree of difficulty as well as the degree of preparation of the body for the next movements. In such a way that they can be visualized as climbing stairs. The sequence of asanas in each cycle (Mahada) is designed in such a way that the asanas of each group reinforce each other’s benefits and therapeutic effects.

In one cycle (Mahada), performing each asana with its own characteristics provides the ground for going to the next asana with more ease and comfort. Therefore, when performing a cycle (Mahada), the students perform a series of certain asanas one after the other based on the desired muscle contraction and stretching.

Topics of Mahada Virtual Training Course: Advanced Techniques:

  • Applying advanced principles of force conducting movements
  • Perform sleeping techniques
  • Perform sitting sitting techniques
  • Perform standing standing techniques
  • Perform balancing techniques

Prerequisites of Mahada Advanced Techniques Training Course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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