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  • November 9, 2021
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Performing Mahada Introductory Techniques E-Learning

Virtual training for implementing Mahada introductory techniques is competence in the field of the sports industry, which includes classifying the audience in terms of physical and mental ability, using tools and equipment to perform Mahada techniques according to correct principles, using Mahada introductory techniques, and applying principles. The revelation is the movement of the conduction of force.

Perform body movement techniques using tools and equipment according to the correct principles

Summary of this course:
When a person engages in sports activities, which is a social activity, he should be familiar with the consequences of performing these activities and with the legal principles of sports and the realization of rights and observance of behavioral principles. In this course, all techniques are taught.

Physical education is defined as the education of the individual through physical and mental education. Can we train the body without knowing it? Sure
Your answer is no. Therefore, the first step in most sciences, including the science of physical education, is to identify the human body, in other words, to get acquainted with the science of anatomy.
Anatomy is a science that studies the structure of the human body. Either the anatomy of the whole body or the anatomy of the structure of a part of the body (local anatomy).

The meaning of the word Mahada:
Mahada is both cradle and non-cradle. That is, in the cradle, what first comes to the human mind is the cradle of the child. But Mahada is included where it is prepared for the child. Where used for adults. And also Mahada, wherever he prepares to rest. Or be prepared for human public life or an environmental family. Mahada includes the human position in this world and the position of human beings in the hereafter.

Topics of the virtual training course for implementing basic Mahada techniques:

  • Categorize the audience in terms of physical and mental ability
  • Using tools and equipment to perform Mahada techniques according to the correct principles
  • Applying Mahada introductory techniques
  • Applying the principles of revelation of force conduction movements

Prerequisites for the training course of implementing Mahada introductory techniques:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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