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  • November 9, 2021
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Performing Mahada Techniques E-Learning

Virtual training to perform Mahada techniques is competence in the field of the sports industry that uses the techniques of lying down, sitting, standing, movement cycle, health and wellness cycle of Mahada and tools and equipment according to the correct principles. (اَلَم نَجعَل الارضَ مِهادا)

Performing body movement techniques using the relevant tools and equipment according to the correct principles.

The meaning of the word Mahada:
Mahad includes both cradle and non-cradle. That is, in the cradle, what first comes to the human mind is the cradle of the child. It is far from the human position in this world and the position of human beings in the hereafter.

Knowledge and skills you will learn in this course:

  • Types of Mahada sleeping techniques (body, bridge, breeze, lying foot and toe movement, leg stretching up, lying rotation, dog upside down, bow)
  • The importance of each of the techniques and the correct use of tools and equipment
  • Restrictions on Mahada movements
  • Determine the characteristics of the abilities of each audience group
  • Perform power guidance
  • Needs assessment of additional training required to unify the audience
  • Types of Mahada sitting techniques (spine hemisphere, back stretch, forward bend, head to knee, face of cow, camel, child, bench, toe, board, dog head down)
  • Types of Mahada standing techniques (mountain, tree, eagle, dancer, bend forward, chair, wavy palm, high side stretch, crescent, forward bend, triangle, gate, reverse)
  • Types of Mahada balance techniques (upside down, standing on the shoulder, plow, balance of hands, Wassista action, Brahman head, rain bird)
  • The concept of movement cycle and health cycle
  • Perform a cycle of health and wellness
  • Perform a cycle of movements

Virtual training course topics for performing Mahada techniques:

  • Perform sleeping techniques
  • Perform sitting sitting techniques
  • Perform standing standing techniques
  • Perform Mahada balance techniques

Prerequisites for the training course of performing Mahada techniques:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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